Thursday, September 3, 2009

Next target: 135 followers

We've done it! It just under 48 hours we've made it to our first goal: 110 followers. To everyone who's followed, tweeted and otherwise promoted this amongst their friends and family, thank you.

Our next goal is 135 followers. When we get there, we'll post our next blog post on Kiwi slang...and there's some strange stuff in there, you can be sure!

What's the preoccupation with numbers, you ask? Linda and Craig are trying to win a three-month blogging trip around New Zealand. We're in the final ten, but to get an interview we need more numbers than most of our fellow finalists. At the moment, we're holding a narrow lead so can really use your help. The whole thing is over next it's a seven day numbers race.

Let me re-iterate: Numbers are the sole determining factor in this competition. Please click FOLLOW in the sidebar.

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