Thursday, September 3, 2009

10 beautiful North Island destinations...

There are a lot of beautiful places that we've missed. Some because we don't have any photos from there. Help us win a three-month trip around New Zealand to shoot photos, write and take video by clicking "follow" in the sidebar. We'll share the results with you if we win.

Starting from the top...

A. Cape Reinga

B. Auckland

C. Cathedral Cove

D: Waitomo Caves

E: Rotorua

F: Taupo

G: Mt Ruapehu
H: Tatapouri Bay (Gisbourne)

I: Cape Kidnappers (Napier)

J: Wellington

All these photos come from our photostream and are available under a creative commons by-nc-nd licence. Some of them are really old, and other ones are really bad! Help us improve by clicking "follow" in the sidebar to get us an interview for a three-month blogging trip around New Zealand!

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