Friday, September 4, 2009

10 bits of kiwi slang

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10 bits of kiwi slang
Sweet as 
Similar to the Australian "no worries", sweet as means you agree or something's all right.

I'm just dropping by to pick up a pavlova. 
Sweet as. 

Jandal is the kiwi word for flip-flop or, as the Aussies would have it, a thong. Apparently it's a mongrel version of Japanese Sandal.

Take your jandals off before you come inside!

Sticking with clothing, togs are swimming clothes. Whether that's a bikini or a pair of shorts, don't forget your togs when you head to the beach!

Go bush
To go bush is to disappear for a while, normally into the forest...or bush. Whether you're heading out for a tramp or keeping away from your ex, going bush is a chance to find some solitude.

I'm feeling stressed. Going to go bush for a couple of days.

Hard case
A hard case story is something unusual and funny. A hard case person is someone displaying similar characteristics.

...and we never did see that sheep again.
Hard case, mate!

Uncle Bob's a bit of a hard case.

Is what you are after a few too many beers or a bit too much of that Marlborough sauv blanc.

I'm as pissed as a newt!

Is the messy stage of being pissed. Try and clean up after yourself.

Stop the car. He's gonna spew!

Our last three words are Maori words which have passed into common usage amongst English speakers.
Kapai means "good" and it's often used as a sign of praise or encouragement.
I'm going to run a marathon this weekend.

Pakeha is a term used for non-Maori, especially Kiwis of European descent. Sometimes derogatory, its use can be a bit contentious at times as setting and tone can change it from label to insult. That said, it's commonly used in a friendly or descriptive way.
The offender was described as a pakeha in his mid-thirties...

Whanau means family. It's used to talk about extended family more than close family, so dinner with the whanau is normally a bigger-than-normal event.

What are you doing this weekend?
Spending some time with the whanau.

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