Friday, September 4, 2009

By the numbers...

This competition is all about the numbers, so while we're only half way through, let's take a look:
Lindy 173
Niquel 141
Craig and Linda 139
Christina 130
Anthony 117
Cat 102
Matty 101
Dominika 72
Lauren 56
Maria 44

The top three -- by the numbers -- get an interview for the New Zealand blogging trip. As you can see, we're holding on but only just. There are just over three days to go and lots of votes between then and now.

I know many site visitors will have voted already, but if you're dropping by to see what this is all about, please help us get this interview. The final job is a three month, paid blogging trip around New Zealand.

Why should we win?
Because we love travel and new media communication. Because we can entertain, educate and tell damn good stories. Because we have experience in new media publishing and also know New Zealand well enough to dig below the surface and really highlight some interesting characters and places.

We've proven our ability to create high-quality independent travel content while we travel by building the Lonely Planet award-winning Indie Travel Podcast over the last three years (and over 35 countries). We also publish the Indie Travel Podcast Magazine, a quarterly print+digital publication.

Help us get an interview
So all we ask right now is that you hit the "follow" button on the sidebar. If you can, post a link to this site from Facebook or Twitter and ask your friends to help out too. It'll help us get an interview and help us share more great travel stories, pictures and video with you.

Travel well,
Craig and Linda

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