Sunday, September 6, 2009

Video o'clock! Moeraki boulders

We've got just over 200 votes and the current leader has 250. It would be great to wake up after our night's sleep and be kicking butt! Remember, for us to stay in the top three and win a trip around New Zealand it's purely a numbers game. Thanks to everyone who has followed, tweeted, Facebook'd and shared the love. We're still in with a really good chance of winning. Let's keep it up!

Playing on the beach with the Moeraki boulders is always fun. Hoping around and dreaming of where those giant rock marbles came from...

We're dreaming of a three-month blogging trip around New Zealand this summer and we're close ... so close. We've been chosen as one of ten finalists in the Entirely World Famous competition.

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  1. Hi Craig and Linda, I'm here to support you and now are following you of course!

    I hope you'll win and then looking forward to your reports from NZ. You're such great blogger and I know your posts will be both educative and readable.

    Next year, you might like to come to Norway? I'm thinking of planning for a Blog Gathering in Oslo :-)

  2. Good luck both of you. If you do win and I'm sure you win, please don't do the same old lame stuff that everyone does with NZ - rugby beer bungy jumping. Get out there and really see the places no one knows adn meet those famous eccentrics that live in NZ.


  3. @RennyBA - Thanks mate, we're doing our best to win. We might make it to Norway next year, depending on funds. We'll almost certainly be in Europe around July/August and we hope to make it up into Scandanavia. We can't promise anything at this stage, though.

    @Cate - We hope to avoid as much cliché as possible. Rugby, beer and bungy jumping are all part of NZ but there's so much more and that's part of what we're after. I hope with our locals' knowledge we can dig under the surface and document lots that you won't find in the guidebooks or typical GAP-year travellogues.


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