Sunday, September 6, 2009


We're amongst 10 finalists competing for a three-month blogging trip around New Zealand. You can help us be in the top three (and win!) by following this blog using the "follow" button in the sidebar.

Yesterday afternoon we were lucky enough to sink a couple of beers with Matty Lynch at Mission Bay.

Matty has previously written on solo overnight trekking for us at Indie Travel Podcast, so it was good to finally meet him. Ironically, Matty is also a finalist in this competition!

We headed down to the beach to record this quick video; unfortunately the sound quality sucks and I haven't got the time to sync it up with the external mic. In any case you can vote for all of us, so vote for us by clicking follow in the sidebar, then head over to Matty's site and consider doing the same for him.


  1. what do I get if I follow YOU???

  2. I was number 200!! Do I get a prize?? Or maybe you could just follow my blog in return...

  3. @anonymous - You get to help two talented people follow their dreams. We've been doing independent travel publishing for a long time, giving away hundreds of hours of free audio content, tens of thousands of words and dozens of hours of high quality, independent, fact-checked travel journalism.

    @GoTourChina - We'll check it out this evening and follow along. Thanks!


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