Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Two hours and counting

With less than two hours left on the clock, our hold on third place has been cut to just 25 "follows".

We are competing in a competition to win a paid, three-month blogging trip around New Zealand. While on the road we'll be recording video, taking photos and writing about our experiences both on and off the beaten track. With years of travel blogging experience -- and a Lonely Planet award -- under out belts, we feel we can do an excellent job for you our readers and Entirely Kiwi the promoter and organiser of this event.

Please hit "follow" in the sidebar and consider a tweet, email or Facebook status update to support us!

Example tweets:
Under two hours left in http://su.pr/2nrtQU competition stage. @craig_martin needs your help more than ever!

Help @craig_martin and @LindaJMartin win a 3-month NZ blog trip. Visit: http://su.pr/2nrtQU <- follow this blog

We've come so far...help us hold our top three position to get a chance at this excellent opportunity.

Current stats:
Craig and Linda 360
                   <-- cut off point
                   <-- small margin
Cat 335

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