Tuesday, September 8, 2009

By the numbers...

There is less than three hours to go in our quest to win a three-month trip travel-blogging around New Zealand with Entirely Kiwi. One of the top three bloggers -- by the numbers -- will be chosen for this excellent adventure.

This is how things stand at 9:15am NZ time (the competition element closes at 12pm NZ time).

Lindy 490
Nicquel 412
Craig and Linda 353  <-- That's us
                                   <-- This is the cut-off point
                                   <-- This is a small margin
Cat 314
Matty 254
Christina 204
Anthony 203
Lauren 182
Maria 112
Dominika 79

As you can see we need to keep a close eye on Cat and we rely on your help to keep us in the top three spots. We think we have the personality, the skills and the experience to do this job well (and judging from the Twitter comments below, you do too!). If we can stay in the top three, we have a good chance so thank you for all your support and rallying to help here. Let's stay strong for the next few hours.

Kia kaha -- Forever strong

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