Tuesday, September 8, 2009

By the numbers ... for the last time

It's over; the voting period has closed and WE MADE IT! We're amongst the top three finalists, so now we're waiting on the organisers, Entirely Kiwi (@entirelykiwi) to make their decision.

At 12:01pm, here's what we found:
Lindy 506
Nicquel 469
Craig and Linda 403
                     <- the cut off
Cat 380
Matty 259
Anthony 209
Christina 205
Lauren 185
Maria 113
Dominika 97

Cat was fighting hard over those last two hours. At times she got within a dozen votes, but massive Twitter and Facebook support helped us through that; two mediums we'll need to use well if we get the position.

I just got off the phone with Vanessa from Entirely Kiwi. She asked some final interview questions and I think that all went well.

What happens next?
The winner is announced on http://entirelyworldfamous.com at 8pm tonight, New Zealand time.
See this time in your timezone.

Who are we up against?
We are Craig and Linda Martin; world-travelling Kiwis who run the Indie Travel Podcast and take an active role in the international travel-blogging community. We think we'd make great candidates for this position for several reasons outlined here. Other people agree. We have passion, experience and know our way around blogging, video editing and social media while on the road. We can do an excellent job.

Nicquel is studying for a Bachelors in Hotel and Tourism Management in Queensland, Australia. She says, "I'm a fun loving person, who enjoys life to the fullest and is always laughing. I'm a thrill seeker and am always up for a new adventure..."

Lindy is living in South Africa and doesn't give much background on-site. Apparently she's "Wacky, Crazy, Fun Loving, Thrill Seeking, Busy Body, Friendly, Caring. Faith, Family and Friends!!!!!"

Now we wait for the organisers' decision...I'm off for a beer with co-competitor Matty Lynch!

~ Craig

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  1. YAHOO!! good luck! i'll be checking back - this is great news!


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