Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You're all awesome! Yes - you!

We're in the final hours of a competition to win a chance at a three-month blogging trip around New Zealand. From ten remaining finalists, the organisers will choose one of the three people with the most "followed" blogs. You can help us stay in the top three by clicking "follow" in the sidebar.

When we started this application, we did it with a video. We knew the large, international crowd of applicants were being pared down to ten finalists by the organisers. What we expected was an interview; what we got was this blog and the knowledge that we had entered a popularity contest...It was time to spend some social capital.

We've been blown away by the supportive emails and messages we've received from so many virtual friends. Thank you. Really. Since Twitter information is all in the public timeline anyway, we wanted to share some encouragement we've got:

NZ blogging competition! Help @craig_martinwin a 3-month paid trip: http://su.pr/2nrtQU <-- just click Follow. They deserve it! @siobhanbulfin

now following, good luck! @grahamhills

@craig_martin & @lindajmartin are now 50 behind leader. Please click & follow their blog for NZ comp. Awesome people! http://su.pr/2nrtQU @amalchik

Best of luck with the comp ;-) @Hostelworld

congats on getting into final 10, goodluck! @trixnz

You're welcome! Good Luck to you and Linda! @guyngirltravels

Help @craig_martin win a trip to blog NZ - you'll get quality travel writing and podcasts for sure! @shanesakata

Vote 4 @craig_martin http://su.pr/2nrtQU <-- click "follow" to help them win #greatpeople @_Jamesstewart

just followed ...good luck @BasseCopette

Congrats to @craig_martin and @lindajmartin -- finalists in Entirely Kiwi contest. Let's help them win @chris2x

Well fingers crossed for you and Linda :) @travelrants

I clicked follow on your blog,now I hope to hear some great stories and see some beautiful pictures from NZ soon @scrio

Need some good karma? Send @craig_martin on a NZ blogging trip! http://su.pr/2nrtQU <-- click "follow" @CarrieAWilliams

You've got my support. Good luck.@travelwonders

Good luck Craig & Linda - you've got my vote too @knomad16

Good luck to you. I look forward to hearing the results as this has been a big buzz on Twitter lately. @Jasonstravels

going up fast now Craig - Well Done! @NomadsHostels

I ask all my followers to get behind @craig_martin & @LindaJMartin in their Entirely Kiwi entry! http://su.pr/2nrtQU and follow! @adamaxon

wow-your numbers are really climbing!! Just a day or 2 ago it was barely 100!! Congrats!! @traveldesigned

Hope you win and look forward to reading about your adventures. @karenbryan

done - good luck @akianz

Help these guys out.. they are legends! @tashmcgill

I'm also supporting @craig_martin & @lindajmartinquest to win a 3-month blogging trip in NZ. Please follow their blog! http://su.pr/2nrtQU @niltiac

3rd place is pulling away but we can catch'em ...I like @craig_martin so lets just shoot for #1 !!! spread da word!!  @mattylynch808

Good luck @globtrav

Good luck! @EscapefromNY

Good luck!! @umarket

posted tweet 4 u but not being able to follow blog with iPhone for some reason- buona fortuna- you guys deserve 2 win !! @ExpatCoachMegan

I am now following you....good luck! @LadyExpat

Our pleasure! You + @LindaJMartin are great #travel peeps and we wish you all the best with http://su.pr/2nrtQU  @authenticcoast

Best of luck! @megoizzy

How about backing the local team! @craig_martin @entirelykiwi

excited for the two of you.. hang in there. @gotpassport

Follow Indie Travel Podcast couple @craig_martin and @lindamartin and help them win the Entirely Kiwi contest @travelgreen

we will be there in October and I'm counting on you guys for great ideas. @mountainmandy
Just added myself to the blog. Best of luck! @ilivetotravel

give my pal @craig_Martin a follow on this site, would ya? http://bit.ly/NXPD7 @andrewghayes

You guys have my vote. Good luck! @globetrotteri

Help Craig and Linda win a paid NZ blogging trip - http://su.pr/2nrtQU <--need to click "follow" (good luck, you two!) @roadup

Going to win that trip around NZ?! :) @samdaams

In addition to this we've had over 100 retweets from these and many other Twitter users! That's people asking their social networks to vote for us. I can only say, we're overwhelmed with your generosity and support. We've also had dozens of private messages and emails showing support on services all over the web.
With only ten hours to go, we're going to fight to stay in third place and get a chance at this job. After all you've done for us, that's the least we can do...and hope that the organisers at @entirelykiwi agree with all of you!

To visit these people on Twitter, replace the @ sign with http://twitter.com/. You can find Craig @craig_martin and Linda @lindajmartin. Before you go, please click "follow" in the sidebar.

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