Sunday, September 6, 2009

5 adventure sports to try in New Zealand

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I'm assuming you know New Zealand's reputation for adventure sports like whitewater rafting, bungy jumping and jet boating. Here's five adventure sports you might not have heard of, but can try in New Zealand.

1. Zorbing
Imagine getting in a giant bit of bubblewrap and rolling down a hill. With slightly more complex equipment, this pretty much describes zorbing to a T! One can choose from multiple options including a wet ride or tandem zorbs.

2. Black-water rafting
Apart from the water and the paddle, black water rafting has very little to do with it's white-water cousin. In wetsuits and inner-tubes, one paddles through sedate underground rivers admiring rock formations and glow worms abounding on the ceiling.

3. Fly by wire
This crazy ride allows you to strap yourself into a jet-propelled flying machine and swoop around the skies tethered by a rather thin looking wire. You have to see it to believe it.

4. Schweeb
Tested in Aussie, erected in New Zealand the Schweeb is a proof-of-concept for a novel form of public transport. Hanging from steel beams this aerodynamic cross between a bike and a bullet can move at high speed. As Schweebs coonnect together they move faster and with less resistance making them extremely efficient. At present you'll have to be content with racing your mates around the track rather than catching one to work.

5. Blo karting
As seen on a recent series of The Amazing Race, blo-carting is a cross between go karting and sailing. Keeping a weather eye out for fellow racers, you can make your way around a track or head offroad and scream along the beach.

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